Top anime of the decade

back on 00′s: Part 1. Flow of 00′s
, Part
2: Marketing
by Muhootsaver

Series of posts on anime trends in the first decade of the 21st

Part 1: Looking Back
by sdshamshel

Reflection on the trends of the decade.

decade: From ‘Japan Cool’ to ‘cooling off’

by Matt Alt

“I was surprised and shocked to witness the rise of anime in
the 1990s, and now I feel those same emotions again as I watch it
collapse in slow motion. Truly, the early 2000s timeline reads like
the plot of an epic novel with an appropriately apocalyptic anime

– Decade Summary Part 1
by Psgels

Very detailed post listing top three shows for each year and
season with brief impressions.

of the Pack: 2000-2009
by Omo

Well-described unordered list of favorites with some

50 Anime Series of the Decade
by Gaguri

Excellent ordered list with over 4000 words, characterizing each
anime. This list inspired several other people to create their own

50 animes of the
by Sasa

Ordered list that includes many all-time favorites as well.

50 Anime of the decade
by Cokematic

Ordered list that also includes anime movies and OVAs.

Super Exhaustive
2000-2009 Anime List with Notes so You will Learn
by Tj_han

List with brief impressions by genre.

Favorites: 2000-2009
by Animekritik

Heading to a deserted island? Take these five shows with you

My Top 20 OVAs,
, Series
of the Decade 2000-2009 by Chii

Ordered lists that feature some not very widely-known anime.

of the Noughties – 25 Favourite Anime
by J1m0ne

“…a good show should always be a good show no matter
the subject matter and the intended audience.”

10 Anime Films of the Decade [2000-2009]
by Cello

Ordered list with links to full reviews.

(+) Anime Worth Taking With Us Into the Next Decade

“a list of every single worthwhile anime of the past

post of 2009: Anime decade lists, To my readers and Happy Holidays!

by Canne

Top five anime series, movies, and OPs

the decade 2000-2009
by Miz

Selection of anime by year with commentary.

Noughties animu speculation (first half)
, (second
) by Martin

Ordered list with commentary.

List of 20 Noteworthy Anime Titles

“My list of twenty titles that made an impact upon me in
this past decade. “

Top Eleven Anime Of The Decade
by Omisyth

Ordered list with impressions for each show.

before the decade concludes, here’s my top eleven anime of the
by Fangzhao

Ordered list with commentary, including an anime that is described
simply as “perfection”.

Top 20 Anime of the Decade

“…a decade of wonderful anime titles, most of them
contributing to my all-time best list”

List of 50 Great Anime of the Decade 2000-2009

Ordered list of 50 anime with commentary.

Anime of the Decade: 2000-2009
by Kitsune

Ordered list with AMVs, OP/EDs, excerpts from anime, and links to

Awesomest Anime of the Decade (2000-2009)
by Brikhaus

“My list probably won’t sit well with the pretentious
arthouse goons or the moe-loving fapboys, but rest assured these
anime are actually good shows.”

Decade Highlights
by Kavik Ryx

“for all the anime I’ve missed this decade, I feel
blessed that I had the opportunity have seen these ones.”

Top 50 Anime of the Decade

Ordered list with an interesting choice for the top spot…

Noughties in Anime
by Absolute0

“I am by no means proclaiming that these series are the best
of the decade. Some of them might be on your list, some of them might
not. Whatever the case, I definitely enjoyed these.”

Reflection on a Decade
by Shadowmage

Ordered lists of top 20 series and top 20 films/OVAs.



About animemidwesterner

I started watching in 2010. After the cruel and unusual treatment I received via silence from my conventional American culture journal(s), I decided upon an anime Japanese approach to meet new people and have otakus comment. I can finally emulate pursuit of happiness in some fashion. Pursuit of happiness wasn't happening in dead silence.
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