I started watching in 2010. After the unusual treatment I received via silence from my conventional 1100 post American culture journal on blogspot/wordpress, I decided upon an anime Japanese approach to meet new people; whereby having more comments. I might be able to emulate pursuit of happiness in this fashion.


Education Level: healthcare management bachelor degree

Anime Likes: Mecha-anime, science fiction,

Anime Dislikes: anime from the 1980s, low budget anime (Pokemon, Digimon)

Other Likes:  Roger Ebert, IGN, economic liberalism, Cats, Dogs, Blogging, pizza, Gatorade, pasta, serria mist, sprite, Italian foods, waffles, hamburger soup, Tomato soup, Pelmeni, pasta, chicken alfredo, Spaghetti, Fedelini, Capellini, Agnolotti, Cannelloni, Lazonia, Beef Stroganoff

Other Dislikes: Stress, marxism-leninism (reads), Democratic Party, chocolate cake



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