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Twelve Kingdoms

Twelve Kingdoms DVD 1 Brought to you by Studio Pierrot, the same production company that animated Fushigi Yuugi, The Twelve Kingdoms initially follows the same setup: Schoolgirl and Friend get sucked into ancient China-like place that is not, in fact, … Continue reading

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The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Mikuru, a battle waitress from the future, must battle the evil alien witch Yuki to protect Itsuki, an innocent young man with unrealized psychic powers, from her clutches. . . No, wait. Actually, first-year high school student Kyon’s prospects for … Continue reading

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Best House CDs

1. Northern Exposure – Sasha – John Digweed 2. John Digweed – Structures 3. John Digweed – Bedrock 4. John Digweed – Global Underground 19: Los Angeles 5. John Digweed – MMII 6. John Digweed – The Winning Ticket 7. … Continue reading

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Spice and Wolf

Centuries ago, the great wolf Holo journeyed south from her northern birthplace and became the goddess of the wheat harvest after striking a bargain with a young man in the village of Pasloe. For ages she insured rich harvests in … Continue reading

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The Vision of Escaflowne

Hitomi is crushed when her best friend Yukari informs her that her beloved captain is moving away… but the night that was to be her last with him (and potential first kiss) saw the entrance of a mysterious boy in … Continue reading

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Gurren Lagann

Simon, a skilled driller, diligently works to expand his underground village while his “big brother” Kamina steadfastly seeks to reach the mythical “surface” he believes he saw as a child. While drilling one day Simon comes across a strange drill … Continue reading

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Top trance cds

1. Armin Van Buuren – Universal Religion 2004 2. Sasha – John Digweed Northern Exposure III 3. Sasha and John Digweed – Northern Exposure II West/East Coast Edition 4. Sasha – Involver 5. Sasha – Global Underground 013: Ibiza 6. … Continue reading

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